Choosing a website designer that is right for you.

How to choose a website designer is a pressing question when you have made the decision to invest in a professionally designed website. There are many website designers to choose from so how do you find the best fit for you and your business?

Your budget

Naturally your budget is the initial consideration so finding the right website design team for the right price can feel like finding the proverbial needle in the haystack.

Don’t be reticent about discussing your budget with prospective web designers and asking what that will get you. Nothing concentrates the mind more than money and you will soon cull the too expensive or the too cheap.

Your business

The next important step is finding a web design team that understands the concept of business because your website is an asset which must achieve the business objectives that are tied to revenue goals. A website designer that doesn’t stress that from the very beginning isn’t really a web designer, they are an artist with whom you can watch your investment disappear.

Choose a website designer that:

  • Concentrates on your business goals and learns how you satisfy the needs of your customers
  • Shows a desire to deliver much more than just a return on your investment
  • Demonstrates intelligence and business acumen and quickly gets in tune with your business
  • Offers innovative ideas and solutions to your problems
  • Supplies a good portfolio of working websites that meet their objectives
  • Provides customer reviews


Being found is first

Of course the actual design, brand and feel is important; the website has to be appealing to you and your visitors but it will be a complete waste of an investment if your website cannot be easily found.

The first and foremost criteria is ensuring your website is indexed successfully in search engines and each page is optimised to be found by the customers seeking your products and services.

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