Calendar showing the years 1995 and 2019Our early experiences

Like many web design agencies, the journey The Net Effect has taken has seen many changes affecting the science of web design.

In 1995 the majority of businesses were moving from the Windows 3.1 operating system to Windows 95 and the main web browsers were Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer.

Those very early years you had the choice of using the following search engines; WebCrawler, Lycos, AltaVista, Excite and Yahoo and had to Ask Jeeves and not Google!

Scary how time flies and how much has changed… but not so much really.

Back in 1995 we knew that search engines were important and designed pages around them and we also knew that web pages should be created to be adaptable to fit the viewers portal choice.

Which goes to prove that the basic principles of web design has not altered in that time… we just think we are more sophisticated. 🙂


The same principles continue

Although the principles of web design remain the same as in 1995, you can achieve so much more with a website today.

But then as now, the easy interaction between a business and its customer is the paramount goal; ensuring you can be found easily, the site loads quickly and is simple to use and navigate.

Speed and simplicity is the essence of user experience resulting in customer satisfaction.

For long-term marketing momentum commit to publishing fresh information in the format of news, special offers, product advice and FAQs and send marketing emails. Do remember however that you must now gain consent to send marketing emails!

Our logo/branding changes over the years… has your business brand changed much over the years?

The first Net Effect logo... created by David Charlesworth

Our 1998 The Net Effect logo was an in-house design

The Net Effect 2012 logo

Our latest branding, designed in 2017

Remembering 1995