The busy bee workers at The Net Effect have moved to Killamarsh. Killamarsh is officially classed as a ‘small town’ and has a lot of business investment. Close to both junction 31 and junction 30 of the M1 motorway;  Killamarsh businesses are well positioned to service the U.K.

We are told that Killamarsh has changed much over the years. Changing from a mining village to a more up-to-date town of engineering and service industries. The main industrial areas are at Norwood Industrial Estate and Westhorpe Fields Business Park. We hope to be of service to local businesses, bringing our expertise of search engine optimisation and web development.

As well as being available to businesses in Killamarsh we are still close to businesses in Sheffield and Chesterfield.

The people of Killamarsh are very welcoming and friendly and there are many beautiful areas around Killamarsh. Especially areas that have been transformed from mining and heavy industry to nature reserve areas for walkers to enjoy.

A client proudly showed us his new drone and we eager to see it in action. The embedded video was very quickly taken but shows the centre and residential areas of Killamarsh town and also the beauty of the Rother Valley Country park.