Processing information and objectives

The website design process starts with sharing information and objectives. It is a really important process because it helps us get a feel for your business so we can best represent who you are and, more importantly, what your business represents and supplies.

Likewise it is also essential you get to know us so you can be assured that we are the team you want on your side.

It would be advantageous to discuss the following points:

  • Identifying the goals of your website
  • Targeting your marketplace
  • Review competitors’ websites
  • Establishing available resources
  • Timeline expectations
  • Website maintenance

Identifying the goals of your web site

The goals of your website depends on your objectives and what conversions you want your visitors and customers to perform when visiting your site.

They can be any, or all, of below.

  • Lead generation: Enquire about your products and services
  • Ecommerce: Opportunity to buy on-line via a shopping cart
  • Customer Service: Obtain customer support
  • Content: Locate in-depth information
  • Feedback: Send on-line comments

Your goals will determine which levels of website functionality are required.

Targeting your marketplace

Target your market audience with focused website content that:

  • Satisfies your customers’ needs
  • Resolves your customers’ concerns
  • Makes your customers feel ‘at home’
  • Reassures your customers’ security concerns
  • Means you are easily contacted

This will result in larger numbers of your target audience visiting your website.

Review competitors’ websites

Much can be gained from reviewing the websites of your competitors.

Observe and learn about your competitors’ success and failures by covertly:

  • Subscribing to their newsletters and blogs
  • Observe their use of social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook
  • Research the IBLs (inward bound links) to their websites
  • Log use of keywords and phrases used in their website content

Establishing Available Resources

When we are asked “how much is it to create our website?” We certainly appreciate getting ‘more bang for your buck’ and we will give you the best price for our service after we’ve had a chat about your needs and budget restraints.

Available resources can also mean your staff having the time to supply us with the information we need to make your website work for you. Identifying a project leader within your staff is advantageous for a swift relaying of information.

Resources such as images, videos, PDFs and ideas are all valuable to the success of your website.

Timeline Expectations

We will provide an estimated time for completion and of course if ‘time is of the essence’ will do our very best to accommodate deadlines.

Website Housekeeping

Following the successful launch of your completed website who will you nominate as housekeeper to maintain and update the website? This is a service we offer or you can promote a member of staff to update the site using our CMS (content management system) program.

Website Meeting Checklist

This handy checklist will assist the website design process by ensuring we enjoy a productive consultation experience with minimum disruption to your schedule.

Website Content

  • Ensure essential colleagues are available
  • List of your business objectives
  • Products and services to be included
  • Your end user information
  • Branding or identity work
  • Current company literature
  • Original or stock photos
  • Historical marketing information
  • List of competitors
  • Content updates/edit responsibility
  • SEO keywords and phrases

Technical Issues Discussion

  • Domain name(s) registered?
  • Do you have a hosting solution?
  • If yes, can we have FTP access to root?
  • Password(s) security responsibility
  • 301 redirects, if a redesign
  • Blog installation and styling requirements
  • Spam filtering needs

Social Media

  • Facebook account details
  • Twitter account details
  • Blog requirement
  • Linkedin info
  • Instagram account
  • Local or Business Forums
  • Who has day to day responsibility


  • Google Adwords
  • Bing/Yahoo Adverts
  • Forum Advertising
  • Associations
  • Networking