How to choose a website designer

How to choose a website designer is a pressing question when wishing to invest in a professionally designed website.

There are many website designers to choose from and the best fit for you is the one that you feel most comfortable with. We would advise the following however:

Choose a website designer that:

Concentrates more on your business requirements as well as the needs of your customers.

Choose a website designer who shows a desire to deliver much more than just a return on your investment.

Choose from a list of website designers one that demonstrates intelligence and business acumen; one whom quickly gets in tune with your business.

Design and brand is important

The actual design, brand and feel is important; the website has to be appealing but the first and foremost criteria is ensuring your website is indexed successfully in search engines and is optimised to be found by the customers seeking your products and services.

Your website designer needs YOU!

Because you know your business and your customers

A commercially successful website design is a result of teamwork; your business knowledge aligned with our website development skills.

The outcome is a profitable website.

One that returns it investment and more by satisfying the needs of your current customer base while being easily found by your future customers seeking your services.

01. Design

The website development process starts with wireframing which allows us to define the hierarchy of the information to be published on your website.

A wireframe makes it easier to demonstrate the layout of the website with you and to discuss changes according to how you want your customer to process the information contained within your new website.

A visually stimulating design follows, one that reflects your current branding and, if you desire a re-brand, we will satisfy that need also.

We ensure each web page is unique; crammed full of authority information about the respective product or service.

Your easy-to-use website will impress both present and future customers, invoking trust in your brand.

A website built by The Net Effect will provide a return; this year, next year and the year after that.

We care about your business because your business success is our business success.

Contact us for an initial website design consultation to assist you in the development of your new website.

02. Function

Responsive design functionality gives you the power to reach your customers; whenever, wherever and however they wish.

Websites that function well on different screen sizes, different devices and screen resolutions makes information about your company, your products and services available to your audience when they demand.

Online selling of products and services are supported by a robust and secure eCommerce platform. Invoices, VAT, international payments and carriage charges are easy to set up and process.

We can train your staff to update your website with a content management system (CMS).

Interactive components such as news blogs, quizzes, questionnaires, directories and online communities can add to the user experience, improving your brand’s authority in the marketplace.

Videotorials about your services or products can be uploaded to your YouTube account and linked to from your website or can be embedded within your site.

We can also assist with mailing lists and social networking.

03. Search Engine Optimisation

We work very hard to ensure that each page on your website is carefully optimised for search engines by writing unique and authority content about the subject of the page.Naturally we will need your assistance to ensure accuracy is maintained.

After consulting with you about your customer’s possible search terms we will also research your industry’s keywords and learn more on how your customers seek your products or services.

Well-crafted, search engine optimised, web pages will position well on a search engine search results page (SERPs). We do this because ‘It is the SEO you see’.

There are other important factors that contribute to SEO, such as authentic inward bound links (IBLs) and intelligently utilising social media websites. However a technically correctly constructed page always has a major head start.

Are you looking for a company that specialises in SEO? Does finding your current website on search engines feel you’re hitting your head against a brick wall? Please talk to us if you are frustrated at finding your competitors’ web pages; but not your own.

We don’t promise miracles but we do promise authoritative guidance and intelligent SEO techniques that have achieved outstanding organic search results for our clients.

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