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Turn your expense into an investment

If you are searching for 'website redesign Sheffield' then the likelihood is that you have already invested in a website for your business but are disappointed with the low conversion rate of sales, leads and enquiries.

Perhaps your current website designer has suggested a quick-fix remedy of 'pay per click adverts' to drive traffic to your site, adding to the expense - rather than the investment you were originally promised.

You are not on your own. About 50% of enquiries received come from business owners irritated by their websites performance; they are also concerned about jumping out of the frying pan into the fire.

From the many redesign enquiries we've had over the years, we have learnt that there isn't really such a thing as a 'website redesign'. It is a website design - pure and simple; a fresh start - a Phoenix rising from the ashes of the old website.

Replacement website

A redesigned website can leave a ghostly mark if important steps have not been addressed. We work hard to avoid annoyances such as '404 Not Found' errors, caused by requests for deleted or renamed web pages. Old pages can be retained in search engine indexes for much longer than you would expect.

Before we relaunch your new website we will:

  • Identify current pages in search engine indexes
  • Identify orphaned image files
  • Rename files (if required)
  • Delete superfluous files
  • Create 301 'permanent redirects' for a seamless transition
  • Utilise a link checker to confirm all links are active

Once the new site is launched we will also monitor error logs to double check that all aspects of the website have transitioned correctly.

We will also add your website to Google Webmasters Tools to double check that Google is happy with the site and we will also check your entry in Google Places for Business and add your business if we discover your organisation has not been placed to that important business tool.

This attention to detail ensures your new website is a professional, search engine optimised, fast-loading website; designed for a high conversion rate.

What's the next step?

We would love to be invited to visit your office for an informal website design consultation to best see how The Net Effect can best help you.

Call TNE

Please contact us to organise a meeting about your website.

If you prefer to chat on the phone with Wendy, please call 0114 251 3377. We are usually chained to our desks between 8.00am and 6pm.

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Acronym SEO with a Panda and a Penguin to reflect Google's algorithm updates

Every website we have created has been built with search engines in mind.

In 1995 we knew that business website owners would come to rely heavily on search engines to provide traffic.

When competitors created their own websites the reliance on a prominent position in search engines became even more important.

We create pages designed to be found by the people searching for your products and services.

Search engine optimisation

Phone 0114 251 3377 for SEO services

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